Utah Jaxx End of an Era

Here is a video I made in tribute to the fantastic accomplishments the boys made in 2017. We saw a lot of victory this year which made the last tournament in Steamboat Springs that much more bittersweet. The boys are moving on to play with their respective high schools but I can’t imagine any of them forgetting the awesome experiences they had together as the Utah Jaxx; I know I won’t. I hope you all enjoyed my photographs and videos. My goal was to help cement these wonderful times in each of the boys’ lives in history and allow for visual reflection whenever the mood strikes!

As far as the video……If you don’t have a full 11 minutes to spare in one sitting, wait till you do. It makes it that much better to watch all at once!! Now…turn up the volume, press play and enjoy a look back at some of the best parts of our 2017 campaign!


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  1. Thanks for being our storyteller. The video is fantastic and really enjoyed the family section. We were all in it together. The memories will live on through your great photos. Thank you, thank you.

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