Triple Crown Tournament Wrap Up…

Well, our early season tournament in Arizona came to a disappointing close yesterday with an 8-5 loss to a team from Colorado. The week started with a strong showing in the double header at the Big League Dreams facility, but started going down hill the subsequent games. All in all we played six games and split them evenly with 3 wins and 3 losses. We are certainly a better team than what was represented on the field this week but now it’s apparent what needs to be toned up for us to be successful for the next tournament….which is just right around the corner! St George, here we come!

Pitching was pretty dang good to say the least! Im excited for this season with some of the breakout pitching performances we’ve seen so far…Wyatt, Charlie, Connor, Sanjay to name a few. Also a productive Porter earning a promotion to the two-hole in the line-up after some solid ABs this tournament.

We got some work to do, but I think it will be worth it when the fellas finally tap into that talent that has gotten them this far in their baseball careers.

Finally…some of the off the field gatherings we had was really beneficial to the parents to get to know each other better and make for a closer team bond!

Thanks to all the parents who dug into their wallets and took time off of work to make this trip happen and the kids who tried to lay it all on the field! Also, of course, thanks to Joe and James for their continued commitment to the boys and all the sacrifices to their personal lives it comes with.

Here are some photos from the tournament…..

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