Great Start to Jaxx Practice!

Even though it is early February in Utah, the Baseball Gods have given us a few nice days to practice outdoors! This really helps the boys get stretched out much more than the indoor facility. Great job to Joe and James for making sure we get as many practices on the field as we can.

The Jaxx have been doing workouts along with the Judge players and seem to really enjoy getting in the dirt with older more experienced fellas.

On a housekeeping note, as many of you can see, there are some new things to see on this site! I think it was time to mix it up a little on here so…here it is.. That being said, I am always open to ideas if anyone wants to share their creativity.

With out anything further, here are some shots from practice at St Ann’s. ….BTW, There are obviously people missing. Hopefully you all know me enough by now to know I didn’t leave anyone out on purpose. Ill get their mugs on the site soon enough…

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