The Jaxx are Naturals!

Our boys showed a lot of heart on Saturday… Despite enduring the first loss of the spring to the Scouts in game 1, the Jaxx dusted themselves off and walked off the Naturals in game 2 and now HAVE SOLE POSSESSION OF FIRST PLACE in the Salt Lake Region!

Game 1 vs Scouts –9-8 (Loss)

Game 2 vs The Naturals — 6-5 (Win)

Overall record —- 9-1

I just want to express my personal gratitude (and Im certain Im not the only one) to coach James for showing the boys, and us parents, what kind of coach and competitor he really is. He ran the show by himself on Saturday and undoubtedly rose to the occasion.

Not many photos as I assumed the role of Dad and fan a little more this time. However, since my fingernails are now just gross nubbs from me nervously biting them, perhaps next time I shall just stick to the camera for the sake of my physical well being!




  1. Thank you for the lovely pictures, as always! I would like to echo the same regarding coach James and to all the boys for playing their hearts out! It’s always a treat watching them play…

    Thanks, Shalini



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